Why Gerrymandering?

Only If You Run has a simple mission: we’re raising money for Democrats running against Republicans for state House and Senate seats in the country's most gerrymandered states: North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida.

The GOP controls the legislature in all of those states, as it did during redistricting after the 2010 census. Why does this matter? Take a look at Congress. Though voters in our target states support Democrats and Republicans in roughly equal numbers, they are represented in Congress by 43 Republicans and 25 Democrats. While some had hoped the Supreme Court would step in to ‘solve’ partisan gerrymandering, our plan always relied on the people to take back control. In June 2019 the court made a consequential decision: though they declined to say this type of gerrymandering is constitutional, they were clear that the federal judicial branch won’t stop it.


After the census and the 2020 elections, state legislatures will again re-draw their states’ Congressional district maps for the next ten years. We need to make sure the will of the people is reflected in Congress. And that starts with electing Democrats to state House and Senate seats.

So we have a simple message: If you have ever thought about running for public office, consider it now.  While Donald Trump is president, Democrats will have the wind in their sails on election days.  So contest everything.  Run against everyone who won’t stand up forcefully against this nonsense.  Democrats: Run.

Change at the federal level starts at the state level.  If you are ready to make the commitment to public service by running for your state House or Senate seat, we want to support you.  We've been raising money for you since Inauguration Day.

If you want to do something concrete and constructive today to fight back, join us in supporting Democrats challenging Republicans, and donate today.  While you’re here, check out our plans for how to distribute the money we raise, and how to ask for it if you’re stepping up and running.


Win back state legislatures and we can restore fair elections.  Don’t, and it’s another decade of entrenched Republican majorities in Congress.

We can do it, but only if Democrats run and take back their states.

Only If You Run.