Is Hiring a Finance Director



Only If You Run (OIYR) is a political action committee aimed at gerrymandering, with a proven plan for flipping Republican-held state legislative seats. Launched on Inauguration Day 2017, the mission of the PAC is to support Democrats running for Republican-held seats in the country’s most gerrymandered state legislatures. OIYR was founded on the premise that, with Donald Trump in the White House, Democrats can be competitive in Republican-leaning seats, so it’s important to take advantage of that opportunity and support Democrats who step up to run in tough districts. OIYR donated $50,000 to four candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017. All four ran in Republican-held districts where Democrats had never been competitive; three of the four won, and the fourth only lost in a recount. Now, OIYR seeks to expand its efforts to more states in the 2018 midterm elections.


Accordingly, Only If You Run seeks a Finance Director who can lead the organization for 2018 and beyond. OIYR was an all-volunteer organization in 2017. Now, in order to expand on the successful model we deployed in 2017 - both how we raised money and how we donated it - OIYR is raising organizational money to fund a first full-time position.


OIYR's mission is fundamentally about raising hard dollars and donating them to the right candidates at the state level, so this is primarily a grassroots organizing and fundraising position. It will be the FD’s responsibility to write, manage, and execute a plan to raise and donate at least $200,000 in 2018. In this task, the FD will be supported the OIYR officers, advisory board, and finance committee. We expect that the plan will build on the 2017 model of grassroots fundraisers and house parties, leveraging the finance committee, and improving our communications strategy and execution. But we seek a FD with good ideas and creativity, who will embrace what OIYR has done successfully so far while putting her or his own stamp on the organization.


The FD will be in a position to build a strong national network of donors, and will spend a lot of time speaking with donors directly. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to build a valuable progressive fundraising contact list, practice and improve political fundraising skills, and get valuable organizational management experience.


OIYR’s four officers live in the Boston area, so Boston is the preferred location for this position, but not required.


OIYR FD job responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for all organization and administration for the PAC;
  • Writing a detailed and measurable 2018 plan;
  • Supporting all fundraising activities, including management of events and assisting and managing the finance committee;
  • Direct fundraising, including a large volume of fundraising calls every day;
  • Assist OIYR officers in compiling data for regulatory filings
  • Execution of an improved communications strategy for the organization; and
  • Collaboration with the OIYR officers to review applications for funding and select candidates.


OIYR's FD must:

  • Be a self-starter, and capable of taking action without direction;
  • Be extremely organized and detail-oriented, with excellent follow-through skills - necessary for the sole full-time position in an organization with a lot of capable and helpful role-players who may have limited time available for OIYR activities;
  • Be an excellent verbal and written communicator, with a particular strength in explaining OIYR’s mission in a compelling and motivating way;
  • Be unafraid to ask for money;
  • Have the energy and stamina to make 30-50 phone calls per day;
  • Be able to create and execute weekly, monthly, and quarterly finance plans;
  • Speak publicly on behalf of the organization; and
  • Speak to the press on behalf of the organization.


OIYR is looking for candidates with:

  • Demonstrated organizational skills on a campaign or in a political context;
  • Strong persuasive ability;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Grasp of national political issues and excitement about politics; and
  • Strong drive to succeed.


If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to info@onlyifyou.run.