Only If You Run Candidate Pledge

Upon my election to public office, I will work to uphold the following principles throughout my career as an elected official, in the office I currently seek or any future office:

1)      I will work for free and fair elections.

2)      I will work to expand voter participation, and to expand access to the vote for everyone in my community and my state.

3)      I will support redistricting processes and structures that minimize the efficiency gap between voters, so that every vote has the same weight.

4)      I will oppose districts being drawn for partisan advantage or disadvantage.

5)      I will work to ensure that redistricting processes are done in as transparent a manner as possible, with meaningful opportunities for public participation.

6)      I will continually work to root out ways in which voting rules and redistricting cause or exacerbate inequalities in political power and representation.

In accepting a campaign contribution from Only If You Run and taking this pledge, I agree that voting rights cannot be taken for granted, and that as an elected official I will affirmatively act to protect everyone’s right to an equal voice in how we are governed, and an equal say in who represents us in our state and Federal governments.