Meet Our 2018 Candidates

At Only If You Run, we’re thrilled to announce the first six candidates to whom we’ve made donations in 2018.  They are:

Helen Probst Mills, NC Senate District 25
D. Cole Phelps, NC Senate District 1

Lauren Friedman, OH Senate District 29
Louise Valentine, OH Senate District 19

Jessica Miranda, OH House District 28
Taylor Sappington, OH House District 94

If you haven’t been offended by something that the Ohio or North Carolina Republican parties did in the last two years, you haven’t been paying attention. Remember when the North Carolina GOP weakened their Governor’s authority in a lame duck session after a Democrat, Roy Cooper, captured the office in 2016? We do. Remember when the Ohio GOP kicked people off the voter rolls for missing an election and then not returning a postcard? We do.

Only If You Run is here to support Democrats who make the tough decision to run for the local legislatures, held by Republicans, that write the rules of our democracy. Nowhere is it more important to protect our election processes and #UnGerrymanderAmerica than in Ohio and North Carolina, and that’s why, for our first round of giving in 2018, we’ve donated more than $40,000 to these six exceptional candidates.

We want to give more to Helen, Cole, Lauren, Louise, Jessica, and Taylor, and we’ve got more great candidates who have asked for our support. We aren’t stopping here: we plan to donate roughly another $100K in this 2018 cycle, and we plan to announce another round of candidate endorsements next month - completing the list of candidates we’ll help in 2018.