Gearing Up to #UnGerrymanderAmerica

Friends - 

Here at Only If You Run, we hope you’ve had a great first couple months of 2018; we have, as we’ve been gearing up to build on the great impact we had in Virginia’s elections last year, by raising money and expanding our ability to do more to #UnGerrymanderAmerica this year. Thank you for your support so far.

First and foremost, Only If You Run now has full time, professional staff! We’re writing to introduce Stacey Bhaerman, our new PAC Director. A native New Yorker, now living in Lancaster, PA, Stacey has worked in labor organizing and on political campaigns in eight states including three of our target states and Senator Tammy Baldwin’s historic 2012 race.

Last year, we donated $50K to four great candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates. We were part of a great election in Virginia; three of our candidates were among the 15 Democrats who flipped Republican-held seats, and all three were in districts that a Democrat had never won before.

These are the kinds of seats we have to win to fight back against gerrymandering; change at the federal level starts at the state level. And we all got the message in 2017, delivered by Doug Jones, Connor Lamb, and the candidates we supported in Virginia: you can’t win if you don’t run. That’s why we’re doing this - to help candidates make the tough decision to challenge incumbent Republicans.

With Stacey at the helm, our goal is to donate $200K in 2018 to those kinds of candidates. We’ve got about $50K on hand now with a few fundraisers in the works. We’re a few weeks away from announcing the first group of 2018 candidates we’re supporting. And we need your help.

Please consider donating - or for many of you, making another donation - today. If you can take the time to do more, we’re ramping up our house party schedule - email Stacey at and tell her you’d like to host a house party anywhere, anytime, and she’ll make it easy for you. We promise you’ll find it very rewarding.  

Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned. In Donald Trump’s America, everyone needs to do a little extra. As we said at the beginning, if everyone just does a little extra, we’ll make it through fine.