National Attention Focusing On Control Of State Legislatures And Redistricting

When we started OIYR, we did it because we knew that to dismantle gerrymandering and the systems that allow it to flourish, we would need to start at the state level. Today Roll Call discusses how this year’s state elections could affect the current gerrymandered congressional lines and the redistricting process.

“The congressional maps are all but set for the 2018 elections. But for those on the front lines of a simmering battle over the next decade of elections, the results are about more than who will control the next Congress.

This year’s election season could reveal just how much the current districts have entrenched an advantage for one political party over the other, whether courts will step in to stop state lawmakers from creating such partisan districts, and which party will control crucial local offices ahead of a nationwide redistricting based on the 2020 census.”

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