Right now is the time to double down

We are writing today to express a deep and profound thank you to everyone who made our event in D.C. last night a success… and to give you a little update.

Tom Perriello addressing our candidates and their supporters

Tom Perriello addressing our candidates and their supporters

Many of our donors and supporters had a chance to meet our candidates last night. Wendy, Donte and Schuyler are all running in Virginia House of Delegate districts currently held by Republican representatives. All three spoke passionately about the issues that matter the most to themselves and to their districts. All three also spoke very seriously about the impact that Only If You Run has had on their campaigns.

Our efforts to endorse and support these candidates early in their races had deep and meaningful impacts: the announcement helped to raise awareness of their candidacy and their commitment to ending gerrymandering as a practice in Virginia, the funds helped to drive direct mailing efforts, digital contacts and supplement (in some instances) the salary of a first paid staffer, and ultimately it gave the candidates the mental boost that comes from knowing someone has your back and is betting on your ability to win.

When you first launch a campaign, the demands are endless. Raise money, get yourself out there, hire staff...the list goes on and on. The start to my campaign had another hurdle to it — I lost my brother, Brian, about two weeks in. All of a sudden, I was trying to run a campaign while helping my family process a devastating loss. It seemed impossible. But in May, things took a turn for the better. I brought on staff, was endorsed by EMILY’s List, and received my Only If You Run PAC contribution. It was a turning point. Now, we’re two points up in the polls, have hired five organizing staff, and are running a very competitive program. Without Only If You Run’s help at the beginning, I’m not sure we would have made it here.
— Wendy Gooditis (VA-10)

Virginia is voting to elect its entire House of Delegates in less than seven weeks.

As Tom Perriello told us last night - this is the first major opportunity that Democrats are going to have to demonstrate to the world that the Trump agenda is a losing one, that we are not about to fade quietly into oblivion and to signal that 2018 is going to be the type of wave year that not only wins back majorities in both Federal chambers, but changes the direction of this country forever.

Last night while we were discussing Virginia, Democrat Jacob Rosecrants, a public school teacher, won Oklahoma’s 40th House District in a special election by 20 points. Donald Trump won this exact same district less than a year ago by 11 points.

That is a 31 point swing. In Oklahoma.

This win is coming on the heels of five other Democratic special election pickups across states since November. Democrats have outperformed Trump in 26 of the last 35 special elections held since November. The Republican party has yet to flip a single Democratic seat since the election.

There is no longer a reason to doubt the fact that this coming November in Virginia and the election cycle of 2018 may be a monumental opportunity to change the direction of this country. Beyond gaining control of state legislatures leading up to redistricting in 2020, Democrats will also be able to hold the Trump administration accountable for the corruption and destructive practices it has brought to Washington.

Only If You Run is going to continue fighting. We are going to continue to support our candidates in Virginia this November and in several additional states leading into 2018. We need your continued help and we need you to stay involved. Our organization is small but it has already had a huge impact and it is entirely because of the dedication of people like you (and the fact that we have zero overhead).  So please:

  1. Continue to donate so we may continue to support great candidates who are going to make a difference in the elections to come;

  2. Reach out to us to get connected to resources in your area where you can knock on doors, make phone calls or otherwise lend a helping hand;

  3. Let us know if you are willing to host an event in your area

There is a bright light emerging over the horizon and we are all going to be a part of it.

Thank you all again for your continued support and please keep fighting as much and for as long as you possibly can.