Join Tom Perriello and Only If You Run in Washington DC on 9/12

Please attend and help promote Only If You Run’s Washington DC fundraiser on Tuesday, September 12th, with former Congressman and CEO of WinVirginia Tom Perriello, along with several of our inspiring Virginia House of Delegates candidates!

Though most days these days bring head-shaking new offenses, President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio has us particularly shaken.  It is so brazenly autocratic; so nakedly an abuse of power; granted to someone so unrepentant, whose offense and conviction is so fresh; worthy of clemency only as payment for political loyalty.  Legal, but not just.  Destructive, in fact, to our system of justice.

Though Trump keeps fueling the fire of our fury, we started Only If You Run because The Resistance ultimately wins by cold calculation.  Donald Trump’s destruction will stop only when Congress holds him accountable or when we elect a different President.  Congress isn’t holding him accountable because it’s controlled by Republicans, who are being feckless.  Republicans control Congress and behave fecklessly because enough of them judge – correctly – that they only have to answer to GOP primary voters.  And they only have to answer to GOP primary voters because of Gerrymandering.

State legislatures are responsible for Gerrymandering.  Our fury must be focused on winning state house seats, in Virginia this year, then in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the other states that Republicans have most egregiously gerrymandered.

Tom Perriello understands this.  That’s why, after running an inspiring campaign this spring for Virginia Governor, he joined WinVirginia, as CEO, leading the fight to take back the Virginia House of Delegates.  And it’s why he’s supporting Only If You Run and our Virginia candidates, by headlining our fundraiser in Washington DC on September 12th.

We’re writing today to ask again for your support.  If you’re in Washington, please consider joining us on Tuesday 9/12, along with Tom; our candidates Wendy, Schuyler, and Donte; and Delegate Rip Sullivan, who represents McLean in the Virginia House, and is Campaign Chair for the Virginia House Democratic Caucus.  You can RSVP and donate here.  It’s gonna be a fun and inspiring evening.  And if this Arpaio thing has you as worked up today as it does us, we’ve got room for a few more co-hosts for the event, so email us at info@OnlyIfYou.Run and we’ll rope you in.

If you aren’t in Washington, please do two simple things:

1)     Make sure anyone you know in DC knows about the 9/12 event, and encourage them to RSVP and attend;

2)     Donate to Only If You Run, either through the DC event or our general donation page.

We know: what you really want to do is vote for someone for President who isn’t Donald Trump.  But folks, right now, in the cold light of 2017, we need to replace Republicans in State Houses with Democrats.  That’s what The Resistance needs to do at the ballot box this year and next, and Virginia is our first shot.  Of course, none of us really know on our own exactly how to do that; it’s not like we can all make independent, well-researched, strategic decisions about to whom to donate for the Virginia House of Delegates.

That’s why we’re here: to pool donations, and give them to candidates like Wendy, Schuyler, and Donte.  We’re all-volunteer, we have no overhead, every dollar we get goes to our candidates.  Help us help them, and other Democrats running for Republican-held seats in the GOP legislatures that are most guilty of Gerrymandering.