Resistance Week 2: Donate, and take advantage of our matching donor

There’s no denying that we’re in uncharted territory. The threat to our country, to particular categories of people in it, to the Constitution, and around the world – the threat is very real, and it is traveling very fast.

Here at Only If You Run, though, we actually think American Democracy is bearing up pretty well, so far. Like President Obama, we are “heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.” At airports, in donations to the ACLU, in America’s broad outcry against this unthinkable Muslim Ban, and in the more than 3 million people at Women’s Marches around the country, we see the formidable strength of a new resistance, not quite like anything that’s happened before.

At Only If You Run, we’ve also seen something else since we launched our PAC on Inauguration Day – something quieter, but critical to the long game, ‘cause, let’s be honest, this might take a while: this is making people want to run for office. We’ve been asking a simple question: are you thinking about running for office? Only If You Run is giving us a little glimpse into one way people are reacting to the first week (!!) of the Trump Presidency, and it is a resounding “Yes! That’s exactly what I’m thinking!”

Our mission is to help people do it; to help make that energy manifest, to help turn that idea into action, because one thing we’ve learned for sure this week is that this new and vital engagement must be sustained. Step up, we’ll help.

And we see flowers like this one blooming all around. Run For Something: Clinton and Obama veterans trying to build a bench by getting young progressives into the game. Swing Left: Three friends who launched a site to help people find swing Congressional districts near them, and who have attracted over 100,000 sign-ups, with the slogan “Don’t Despair. Mobilize.” And of course the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Eric Holder’s group: Obama’s top lawyer, fighting back for fairer maps in the 2021 redistricting process.

So there’s lots for everyone to do. Demonstrate, show up like you’ve been showing up. Provide and support direct services for those in need and at risk. And crank the gears of our peaceful, democratic offensive, and run for office or support those who do.

Which brings us back to Only If You Run, and our ask for your support. We have a cool opportunity this week, which is that we have a pair of generous donors who have agreed to match contributions for a one-week period, up to $10,000. Every dollar you donate to Only If You Run this week, through Sunday, will generate $2 in the pocket of a Democrat running for state office in Virginia, North Carolina, or another of our targeted states. Well, not in the pocket, exactly, but you get it.

So please consider a donation this week at www.OnlyIfYou.Run – help us keep up the great early momentum, and help #UngerrymanderAmerica.