Friends and Supporters –

Did you see what happened in Virginia tonight? In case you missed it: Democrats swept the statewide races, and have already picked up 14 seats in the House of Delegates. Those victories include at least three and possibly all four of the candidates backed by Only If You Run, with Donte Tanner up by 125 votes with the absentee ballots pending. This feels good!
It’s clearly a great night in Virginia, and we have three things to say:
One: Congratulations to all of the candidates who fought the good fight. You are what gives us hope. Donte, Wendy, Schuyler, Kelly – your bravery, your hard work, and your passion are deeply inspiring.
Two: We are on the right track. These local races will help determine the future of American democracy. Maybe this sounds dramatic? It’s not. We can #UnGerrymanderAmerica if we fight for it in this moment and support people who want to run for office.
Three: Tonight we celebrate. Tomorrow, the mid-term elections begin. Let’s get started – donate here.
Thank you for all of your support. We can all agree – we needed a win.
-Only If You Run

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: 16 seats, and Donte wins by 68 with all the votes counted!  He's likely one of several races in Virginia headed to a recount, some won by Republicans and some won by Democrats, but it looks like at least a 50-50 split in the VA House of Delegates.  An incredible result.  Democracy works.

FRIDAY UPDATE: OK, Donte is down by about 100 votes now.  The official vote canvass resulted in a shift of a 183-vote margin to Tim Hugo.  It's recount time.  Stay tuned, and hang in there, Donte!