Candidate Criteria

OK, so you're a candidate in one of our target states, you made it to our website, you understand what we're trying to do.  But it's call time, and you either need us to give you some money, or you have to get back to dialing for dollars.  We get it.  Here's how you ask us for money.

In order to become an Only If You Run Candidate - and get a check for no less than $5000, and hopefully more - we'll take you through three levels:

Level 1: Your district. Our goal is to contribute to those districts that fall just below those that are traditionally provided resources by larger PACs and other national donors. So long as your district checks the box on our initial two questions, its on to level two: One, is this the kind of district where Democrats might have a tough time competing in typical years, but where we can be part of a wave in Trump years? We'll check this based on previous electoral results. Two, is our donation likely to make a significant impact? We'll check this through tracing funding history.

Level 2: Your dedication. This level has a few requirements. First, fill out our online candidate questionnaire by clicking on the Get Started button below. Second, prove to us that you are running a viable campaign by fulfilling any one of the following criteria:

  1. You already have raised funds from 100 separate donors
  2. You have raised over $50,000 (netting out any self-funds in excess of $10,000)
  3. You have more than 50% cash on hand of your opponent's most recently posted quarterly filing total

Level 3: Your fit. Jump on the phone with someone from our leadership team for a 30 minute open-ended conversation.

The last thing we'll ask you to do is to sign the Only If You Run Pledge:

Upon my election to public office, I will work to uphold the following principles throughout my career as an elected official, in the office I currently seek or any future office:

1)      I will work for free and fair elections.

2)      I will work to expand voter participation, and to expand access to the vote for everyone in my community and my state.

3)      I will support redistricting processes and structures that minimize the efficiency gap between voters, so that every vote has the same weight.

4)      I will oppose districts being drawn for partisan advantage or disadvantage.

5)      I will work to ensure that redistricting processes are done in as transparent a manner as possible, with meaningful opportunities for public participation.

6)      I will continually work to root out ways in which voting rules and redistricting cause or exacerbate inequalities in political power and representation.

In accepting a campaign contribution from Only If You Run and taking this pledge, I agree that voting rights cannot be taken for granted, and that as an elected official I will affirmatively act to protect everyone’s right to an equal voice in how we are governed, and an equal say in who represents us in our state and Federal governments.

Our mission is to endorse candidates early to ensure our donations have as big of an impact as possible. As such, we have closed the application process for 2018 as we finalize our candidate list. If you are running, we are still behind you and we will continue working alongside you throughout this cycle.

We will re-open our application process on January 1, 2019.

Thank you and keep working to #UnGerrymanderAmerica!


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We're looking forward to showcasing you.  Run for office; we'll help.