Our Commitment

Only If You Run supports Democratic candidates running for seats held by Republicans in the states that have been most heavily gerrymandered by the GOP: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Michigan. After the 2018 election, we decided to narrow our focus to North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida. With Trump as President, elections will be unpredictable, and tough sledding for Republicans. If you get in the game, we'll help.

When you donate to Only If You Run, you are donating to Democratic candidates running against Republican incumbents in heavily gerrymandered states. We spend none of your donation on overheard, and we get money out the door to candidates, where it's needed, as fast as we can.  Our pledge is to find strong candidates in tough but winnable Republican districts and donate as much and as early as possible.

In 2017 and 2018, we donated $150,000 to 32 candidates. 13 of them won, and are now elected officials. Every win is a flip, and we take no easy shots, so this is phenomenal success. Perhaps most importantly: 18 of our 32 races, and 10 of the 13 we’ve won, have been very close – each decided by less than 5%. Amazingly, seven were decided by less than 2%; just a couple hundred votes. Think about that: our participation – YOUR participation – really matters.

If you want a contribution, visit our candidates page and write to us. Tell us about your support for fair elections, and show us some signs of viability — money you've raised, the number of voters you've ID'ed, etc. If you meet our criteria and you're mounting a serious challenge, we'll write you a check for at least $5000. If demand exceeds supply, we'll prioritize first-time candidates. The point here is to help you make the tough decision to run for office, by making it a little bit easier.

About Us

You probably want to know: if I donate to Only If You Run, who are these people who are going to decide to whom to give my money?  Fair question.

We started Only If You Run as four concerned citizens.  We came up with the idea a week after Election Day 2016, as our grief moved from denial to acceptance, and as we decided to do something about it.  None of us work directly in politics now, but we have a few decades of combined service time working on political campaigns, in state legislatures, state government and in Congress. Our direct experience of the American political system gives us faith that, acting together, we have more than enough power to protect our democracy, values, and liberty, and this is the way we’ve chosen to do our part.

The four of us – Becca Berwick, Dan Berwick, John Carlson, and Aaron Holman – are the officers of Only If You Run.  Becca is from the Boston area originally, and is now a middle school teacher.  Dan is also from Boston, works in renewable energy, and spent several years working on political campaigns in Virginia and Texas, and in the Texas House.  John is from Wisconsin, owns a small business here in Boston now, and worked for Senator Ron Wyden and the Obama campaign.  Aaron grew up in Michigan, worked for Senator Debbie Stabenow, and on the Affordable Care Act and is now a health care consultant for Medicaid agencies.

We’d welcome your input, questions, and support; please reach out to us at info@onlyifyou.run.




I teach U.S. History. The fall and winter of '16/'17 has been a shocking time, and I have seen the same fear and disbelief among my students. I am excited about Only If You Run because it is a way for me to practice what I preach in my classroom. We can create a country that feels safe for everyone, but only if we take action.



Renewable Energy Developer

I spent the first couple years after college working on political campaigns, and I try to take time every election to pitch in. As President Obama said in his farewell address, “If you're disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.”  We can start pushing back now, but Only If You Run.



Small Business Owner

I'm a small business owner with an American made product but suppliers and sales that depend on trade.  I fear the breakdown of a global system that has brought peace and prosperity to millions.  The only way we step back from this abyss is if we take control from a Republican Party that has lost all sense of what makes America great. We can win, but Only If You Run.



Health Policy Consultant

I have always loved policy and I believe in government. I want it to function well and continue to ensure the prosperity of this country. I am working with Only If You Run PAC because I believe that in order to strengthen our democracy, we have to fix the fundamentals first and build a democracy that reflects the will of the people. That starts with electing individuals who care about equal representation.


Advisory Board

We've got a great group of experienced political professionals, committed advocates, and friends.  Their job is to weigh in on key decisions, help spread the word, raise money, and generally keep Only If You Run pointed in the right direction.  They are:

Don Berwick (Finance Committee) - Health Care Improvement Guru, Obama Medicare and Medicaid Chief, Progressive's Progressive.

Andrew Dupuy (Finance Committee) - State policy guy. Fan of cities, bikes, tacos, real country music. CA/TX/DC

Aaron Fanwick (Finance Committee) - Father, Lawyer, Strategist; New to LA, Happily Back in California.

Josh Gee - Has Clicks, Will Travel. Digital Strategist and Communicator.

Mushtaq Gunja (Finance Committee) - Law Nerd, Obama Ed and Justice Alum, Dodger Fan, Dad.

Karen Hicks - Lifetime Political Operative, National Progressive Mover, Shaker, New Hampshire Kingmaker.

Dave Marsh - Organizer, Policy Nerd, Obama White House and Agency Alum.

Jaya Mathur - Healthcare Communications Specialist, Life-Long Bostonian, Foodie.

Caroline Mauldin (Finance Cmte) - Equitable Education Evangelist, Obama&Clinton Alum, Repatriated South Carolinian, Optimist.

Will McLoughlin (Finance Committee) - Architect, Designer, Teacher, New Yorker.

Jenny Nathan (Finance Committee) -  Development Officer, Professional Political Adviser, Music Lover Buried Deep in New Orleans.

Michael Roiff (Finance Committee) - Film & Theatre Producer, Candy Store Owner.

Megan Rooney (Finance Committee) - Speechwriter, Obama and Hillary Alum, Native Staten Islander.

Kristen Salvatore (Finance Committee) - Bay Area Game-Industry Exec. Helps people, Makes cool stuff, Helps people make cool stuff.

Josh Segall (Finance Committee Chair) - Game Maker, Sometimes Politico, Newish Nashvillian.

Greg Siskind (Finance Committee) - Immigration Lawyer, Bike Nut, Politico, Memphis and Nashville-Based Road Warrior.

Kristin Sullivan (Finance Committee) - Lawyer, Southern Feminist, Fiction Junkie, Little blue dot in a really red state.

Ian Walker - Progressive Coder, Web Consultant, Front-End Developer in Los Angeles. 

Don Weigel (Finance Committee) - Campaign Nomad, Underdog Champion, Political Fight Starter & Grudge Holder, Beagle Advocate.