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Lauren Friedman

  District : Ohio Senate, District 29   Only If You Run Contribution : $10,000 in June 2018

District: Ohio Senate, District 29

Only If You Run Contribution: $10,000 in June 2018


Lauren is running because she cares deeply about her community, which has had the same ineffective and out of touch representation for too long. Over the last year, since November 2016, Lauren has asked how she can best stand up for the people of her community. Voting, making phone calls, writing letters, and marching were not making a great enough impact with politicians who don't care or refuse to listen and she realized that she needed to run for office to make sure someone capable, qualified, and dedicated to our community is a real option for Stark County. Part of the mission of the US Naval Academy, of which Lauren is a proud graduate, is to develop graduates who are dedicated to a career in leadership in command, citizenship, and government. In running for office, Lauren is using her leadership skills from serving in the military and training from the Naval Academy for the greater good of her community and state.

Why We HELPED Lauren 

Lauren has a strong sense of civic values as well as the desire and know-how to be a leader in her community. We have no doubts that she will be a fearless advocate for the people of her district and Ohio. Only If You Run’s endorsement and contribution came at a key time for Lauren, giving her a needed campaign-strengthening boost and helping her attract more support.

About Ohio SD29

Ohio’s 29th Senate District is approximately 50/50 Democrat and Republican. This district supported President Obama, but then voted for the GOP candidate in 2016. It's truly a flippable, bellwether district. The many lower-income, working class (and formerly middle class) constituents want to see someone other than the typical "career politician" in office. They are aware of the extreme gerrymandering in Ohio, and they voted overwhelmingly for fair districts on the May 8th ballot. This is a time when people in Stark County are ready for change from the status quo.  

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Louise Valentine

  District:  Ohio Senate, District 19   Only If You Run Contribution:  $10,000 in May 2018

District: Ohio Senate, District 19

Only If You Run Contribution: $10,000 in May 2018

Why louise RAN

As a mother and working professional, Louise never thought she’d run for political office, but after the 2016 election cycle, she felt compelled to stand up for change. Ohio’s government demonstrated a complete disregard for basic decency and a lack of real representation of the people.  Legislators have degraded public education, tried time and again to take away rights to healthcare and sided with special interests at the expense of hard-working Ohioans. Louise decided to run for State Senate in Ohio because sometimes you need to be the change you want to see in the world.

She wants to ensure that her 5-year-old twin boys and their generation find Ohio to be a place where they can receive a quality public education, have access to affordable healthcare and find a fulfilling career that pays a living wage.  We have to change course in Ohio in order for this to happen and we need a new generation of leaders to bring diverse points of view and make this a reality.

Why We Helped Louise Run

Louise is running in a district that is continuing to shift in demographics; meanwhile her opponent, a hard line conservative, is out of step for this changing district. She’s a working mother with kids in public elementary school and she is able to connect with voters who simply want good representation for their children and families.

About Ohio SD19

Despite its historically Republican track-record, Ohio’s 19th Senate District is a rapidly changing cross-section of Ohio. This district includes rural Knox County, suburban Delaware County, and areas of urban Franklin County. This is a district that has seen massive demographic change over the past few years as many young families move to central Ohio for strong public schools and safe communities.

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Jessica Miranda

  District:  Ohio House, District 28   Only If You Run Contribution:  $5,000 in June 2018

District: Ohio House, District 28

Only If You Run Contribution: $5,000 in June 2018

Why Jessica RAN

Corruption and one party rule in the Ohio State House have just become too unbearable. This is why Jessica has decided to run for the Ohio House. With consistent cuts to the Local Government Fund and Public School funding in favor of charter schools, Jessica, President of the Winton Woods School Board, had to do something. She stepped up to take on a comfortable incumbent and fell short in her first try. But with shifting demographics and a Clinton victory in the district, her second run will be far more competitive.

Why WE Helped Jessica Run

As a mom, small business owner, and school board president Jessica understands the struggles everyday families face. She is a knowledgeable candidate, mounting a strong challenge to the Republican incumbent and we are excited to help her flip this seat.

 About Ohio HD28

Jessica’s district encompasses a portion of the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. Despite its current Republican representation, House District 28 has elected Democrats to this seat in the past. Clinton was able to beat Trump in this district by 4 points. 

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Taylor Sappington

  District:  Ohio House, District 94   Only If You Run Contribution:  $5,000 in June 2018

District: Ohio House, District 94

Only If You Run Contribution: $5,000 in June 2018

Why Taylor RAN

After eight years of failed leadership, Ohio has the most corrupt Statehouse in its history with elected officials who might be heading to jail because they took free trips and money from payday lenders. With families unable to go to doctors because they don’t have health insurance and  people driving over crumbling roads and bridges, Ohio really deserves representatives who are doing something about the issues that people face. When Taylor noticed the discrepancy between the problems and the lack of solutions coming from Columbus, he stepped up to run for office.  

Why WE HELPED Taylor Run

Taylor is exactly the kind of candidate we want to get behind. He is energetic, hard working, and he's committed to serving his community and implementing fair redistricting processes.

OH HD 94.png

About OHIO HD94

Hard working and stretching across 4 counties, the 94th Ohio House District represents some of the best of Ohio. With Appalachian hills and the Ohio River, the area is one of the most picturesque in the state. The 94th is a classically competitive race that had been held by Democrats for almost a decade before swinging in the 2016 election. 

Helen Probst Mills

  District:  North Carolina, Senate District 25   Only If You Run Contribution:   $5,200 in June 2018

District: North Carolina, Senate District 25

Only If You Run Contribution: 
$5,200 in June 2018

Why Helen ran

Helen has been active in numerous community organizations throughout her life and is well-recognized as a community advocate.  Her drive to give back comes from her life experiences, from growing up in a family with limited means but an emphasis on community involvement, to working her way through college and law school, to being diagnosed with breast cancer and fighting it to be here for her children. Examples of her community advocacy include fighting to increase access to early childhood education; she continues to work on programs that will provide all North Carolinians with an equal right to a quality education, affordable healthcare, and the opportunity for a well-paying job.

Helen has stood at the polls on Election Day where voters left the booth and told her they weren’t sure if their vote counted. She has been shocked and saddened at repeated attempts by the North Carolina General Assembly to restrict our right to vote.  Helen understands the true meaning behind the elections bills being proposed by the legislature as well as their gerrymandering schemes.  When Helen was approached to run for State Senate, she didn’t hesitate because she is tired of watching the GOP leadership roll back North Carolina and curtail our right to vote.  

Why we helped Helen

Helen wants to take her commitment to her community and her desire to help others to the General Assembly so she can work toward progress for all North Carolinians.

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About North Carolina SD25 

District 25 encompasses four counties: Anson, Moore, Richmond and Scotland. Because the Federal Courts required the NC General Assembly to redraw certain legislative districts earlier this year, SD25 is now truly one of the most competitive seats in North Carolina. Close to the port of Wilmington, encompassing many tourist destinations and higher education institutions, as well as rural & agricultural communities, SD25 lends itself as a microcosm of North Carolina’s economy.

D. Cole Phelps

  District:  North Carolina, Senate District 1   Only If You Run Contribution:  $5,200 in June 2018

District: North Carolina, Senate District 1

Only If You Run Contribution:
$5,200 in June 2018

Why Cole Ran

Cole grew up in rural Washington County, North Carolina and became the first in his family to attend college. After graduating from East Carolina University and the North Carolina Central School of Law, he returned to serve his hometown community. In 2013 at the age of just 23, Cole was elected County Commissioner – the youngest in North Carolina history – and opened his own law firm that same year. Today his law firm employs seven people and sponsors an annual scholarship banquet to support the next generation of students who want to follow in Cole's path of earning a higher education and returning home to serve.

Why we helped Cole Run

Cole is a hard working candidate who will be the strong voice that Eastern North Carolina needs. Having grown up in the district, he understands its unique issues and his campaign is engaging young people and voters who have never felt energized by a local campaign before.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.43.53 AM.png

About North Carolina SD 1

The people of Eastern North Carolina have not had their voices heard in Raleigh for too long. Folks here deserve a leader who will stand up and fight for public education, rural healthcare, and fair elections. After the Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina Republicans had gerrymandered districts with "near surgical precision," the court redrew the First District to be one of the most competitive in the state.