Only If You Run is a simple organization with a simple mission: we raise money and donate it to Democratic candidates who are running for Republican-held, tough-but-winnable seats in the most gerrymandered state legislatures, and who are committed to fair redistricting processes. We started Only If You Run right after Donald Trump was elected; this is our response.

In 2017 and 2018, with your support, we donated $150,000 to 32 candidates. 13 of them are now elected officials. Every win is a flip, and we take no easy shots, so this is phenomenal success. Perhaps most importantly: 18 of our 32 races, and 10 of the 13 we’ve won, have been very close – each decided by less than 5%. Amazingly, seven were decided by less than 2%; just a couple hundred votes. Think about that: our participation – YOUR participation – really matters.

After the Supreme Court’s June 2019 decision to leave the question of partisan gerrymandering to the states, it’s crystal clear: the solution to gerrymandering - and the protection of our democracy and our democratic values - is political participation.

Our candidates made the tough decision to run for office - let’s help!

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